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LIVE@APEX Solder Fortification® Preforms

This is the third in a series of blog posts about our LIVE@APEX program. This post features our Solder Fortification® Preforms. One of the first questions that I hear asks, “What is the difference between Solder Fortification® Preforms and ‘regular’ solder preforms”?


Regular solder preforms are sometimes flux-coated and are used as the only soldering material, while Solder Fortification® Preforms are made from solid metal and are used in conjunction with solder paste. Solder Fortifications® preforms are rectangular-shaped preforms, and typically come in the same sizes as passive components: 0201, 0402, 0603, and 0805.


After the printing process, a pick and place machine adds the solder fortification preform to the solder deposit to strengthen the joint. Since the alloy of the solder preform is the same as the material in the solder paste, it can be reflowed at the same temperature. With this process, the solder volume is increased without adding unnecessary flux, leaving less flux residue. Even if no-clean paste is used, which leaves non-conductive and non-corrosive flux residue, it can still cause problems with in-circuit electrical testing (ICT). This can be very useful in the components that are exposed to stress during the working cycles. The best examples for this are connectors on lap-tops or cell phones.


Other benefits of Solder Fortification Preforms is mitigating “solder starvation” with through-hole components and the reduction in rework process or the elimination of other soldering processes like wave or selective soldering.


Solder Fortifications® are packed in tape & reel so they can easily be used by any standard pick and place machine. If you think you have an application that can benefit from Solder Fortification preforms, please contact me at


Miloš Lazić

Live@APEX Coordinator