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LV1000 Flux Coating: the solution to voiding AND MORE

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  • In my last blog post, I gave a brief overview of the attributes and advantages of our new LV1000 flux coating formulation.  I also discussed the standard advantages of using  preforms, as opposed to solder paste. In review, LV1000 solder preform flux coating offers a:

    • uniform, repeatable coating as low as .5% by weight
    • halide-free formulation, without sacrificing strength
    • low residue, gloss coating that does not clog pick & place nozzles

    There is one more attribute that I would like to discuss. While wetting is a good thing, where soldering is concerned , there can be too much of a good thing. Excessive wetting is a bad thing when components are in close proximity to one another and you need the solder to stay in a confined area. Excessive wetting can be problematic, causing electrical shorts which will, very quickly,  become costly.

    Given the increased level of control in flux volume application, the LV-Series is pinpoint accurate to .5% by weight. This not only ensures a very uniform and consistent coating, it promotes wetting only where intended, and mitigates wetting outside the intended soldering area.