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Making Solder Preforms – Cutting

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  • There are many more ways to cut a solder preform than most customers realize. We use each of these methods depending on the volume, precision, or complexity of the solder preform. Whichever method we use to cut preforms, we must stay within the dimensional specifications of our customers.

    Technology-wise, I’m sure we use some cutting methods that our competitors do not yet employ – so, due to confidentiality, I cannot go into much detail. What I can say, as a general statement, is that our cutting technologies allow us to broaden the range of preform sizes and shapes we offer, allowing us to provide preforms that customers can order from few other solder suppliers in the world. If you have a solder preform design that has not been accepted by other suppliers, let us see if we can make it for you!


    *This post is part of the World of Solder Preforms series

    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert