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Manage The B2B Marcom Environment, Not The Work

  • Indium Corporation

  • Indium Corporation recently received recognition for some Marcom results. I was asked to comment. Amongst my responses was this:

    "I was once told that every job on Earth is merely a matter of problem solving of one sort or another. To me, that makes perfect sense. So, rather than stuff square pegs into round holes all day – hoping for bliss, set out to hire people who love solving the problems that your customer’s experience. Then, get out of their way; let them shine.

    "Don’t attempt to engineer or construct it. Keep it organic, keep it genetic. Build your staff with people who CAN’T STOP solving your customers’ challenges. Hire maniacs, then turn your company inside out and let your team amaze your customers and truly intimidate your competition. €

    We all seek simple answers (they're the best). But they're not always available. Sometimes there is only hard work - work that requires time, patience, investment - and talent. To build a truly effective B2B Marcom program, we can't "wack-a-mole" our way to success. Only excellent people, operating over time, can create a winning B2B Marcom program.

    If someone demands that you work magic overnight, you may be in the wrong place. If you are expected to edit, tweak, and hand-hold your way to success, you may be in the wrong place.

    Get the right (clear) goal, get the right (self-motivated) talent, then get out of the way. Spend your time keeping your talent happy.