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MarketingProfs B2B Social Media Marcom Conference

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  • I wish I was there! This event sounds awesome.

    MarketingProfs (a group that has helped me learn a lot) just held what looks like a very meaningful and helpful conference on B2B Social Media.

    According to Matt Dickman (MarketingProfs Daily Fix) the lucky dog/smart guy who WAS there, some key take aways include:

    *People demand good experiences

    *Technology is an enabler to deliver experience

    *Site progression has gone from Useful -> Usable -> Desirable -> Sustainable -> Social

    *Look to niche audiences to create blogs and show thought leadership (green building)

    *Bring experts to the customers as a service and surround them with content

    *There is a sense of urgency with live video (if you miss it you lose out)

    *Video equipment is cheap and available

    *small programs are more cost effective and add up to big benefit

    Though I selected each of these excerpts because they really hit home with me, I particularly like the last one. I strongly urge everyone to NOT BE INTIMIDATED. Jump in in some small way. Start with the GOAL and begin approaching it with baby steps. The big benefit will come.

    Check out the MarketingProfs site for more great info, and consider participating in future seminars/conferences. As you all know, a review of a conference is nothing compared to being there.

    Image: MarketingProfs Daily Fix website