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McDonald's 50th Anniversary Press Conference

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  • Today is McDonald's 50th anniversary. I tuned in to their live webcast and watched their celebration from their new flagship store in Chicago. Watching as a Marcom professional I really appreciated their professionalism. They used multi-media (live, canned films, internet), they appeared warm and sincere, they were respectful, they were careful, etc. And they got it done. They touched the right buttons while, at the same time, had a party.

    Most people can't appreciate how dangerous it is to have a media event, live without a net (especially when many people are "anti-" your cause as is the case with many multinationals - just ask Wal-Mart). To take the risk, and to pull it off so professionally, is a great achievement.

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday McDonald's!

    See the press conference