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MD&M Show in Orlando

The week of March 14th Indium Corporation will be exhibiting at the MD&M (Medical Design & Manufacturing) show in Orlando, Florida.  Actually it is one of many MD&M shows held throughout the country.

We have attended previous shows as visitors but this will be our first as an exhibitor.  We will be showcasing our Flux #2 and lead-free solders for soldering to Nitinol.  Eric Bastow recently wrote a blog post on using Flux #2 and either 96.5Sn 3.5Ag or 80Au 20Sn for this application.

Flux #2 cleans off the very tenacious oxides that form on the Nitinol, giving it a clean surface to solder to.  We will be providing further details and samples of the 96.5Sn 3.5Ag in wire form at the show.  You can also request a sample of the Flux #2 by giving us your contact details.  Stop by and see us at Booth 248-250.

Or you can contact Eric Bastow by email at or me by email at