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Meet The Bloggers – An Interesting Mix

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  • As mentioned last week, we are holding another Meet The Bloggers at SMTAI on Aug. 20th. If you are reading this and thinking “how does this relate to my semicon world?”, consider this:  Even though SMTAI is an SMT focused event, these presenters are all top solder experts, and are going to be ready to talk about the things that have many parallels to our scaled-down world of silicon.






    For instance, Amanda Hartnett specializes in interfacing and cooling flip-chips.  Tim Jensen has extensive knowledge regarding the halogen-free craze that will be affecting which materials you use in the future.  Dr. Ron Lasky keeps tabs on industry trends in technology.  Anny Zhang knows first-hand the interaction of US and Asian manufacturing, while Rick Short is involved with shaping Indium Corporation’s presence in the Advanced Packaging market.  We have a powerful team ready to hang out and chat with you, so I’d advise taking advantage of it if you’re in the area!




    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert