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Microsoft System Center B2B Marcom is Great!

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  • I love good B2B Marcom, and I work hard creating (hopefully) good B2B Marcom at Indium Corporation. A recent concept that we brought to market several months ago is titled, Indium8.9: This is BIG!   So I was excited to learn of the Microsoft System Center: Designed for Big promotional campaign.

    Microsoft's Designed for Big campaign is a great one-two punch as it leverages both left- and right-brained tools. For the analytic/accountant/tecchie in each of us their website offers the traditional white paper. For our inner artist/visualist/wild-child they also serve up a colorful, informative, fast-paced video. The awesome part is that they do this for 6 different companies (case studies). This offers the target audience a really rich experience - and serves to impress with the depth of their work. The customers are quite an impressive group, as well.

    I was first exposed to the program via a video  ad on the zdnet website. The ad depicts a woman entering an elevator with what looks to be (literally) two thousand buttons, representing your (customer's) complexity. The ad goes on to say they can help manage this complexity. Of course, playing behind the video is a 2001: A Space Odyssey-type soundtrack, making thngs feel really ... well ... big.   Good job, Microsoft.

    I can't find the ad online anywhere (other than the zdnet site). If you have a link, please let me know. FOLLOW-UP: Mac provided the link. See the Microsoft System Center elevator ad video.Thanks, Mac!

    Image: screen grab from zdnet website.