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  • Folks,

    As I mentioned a while ago, I will be presenting, this coming February, at SMTA PanPac. I am lead author or co-author on four papers. One of the papers is on “Weibull Analysis 101.” This paper will discuss how to effectively use Weibull Analysis and also common mistakes, such as the “Curse of the Early First Failure” and not detecting “Multiple Failure Modes.”

    On of the rewarding aspects of being a professor at Dartmouth is the opportunity to invite students to be co-authors on papers. Not only is it a great experience for the student, but it takes some of the work off of the professor. My co-author for the Weibull paper is Nadia Clement. Nadia is a senior at Dartmouth. Although not an engineering major she has a very strong math background; hence, she is an ideal co-author of a paper on Weibull analysis. She also speaks five languages, which, for someone born and raised in Vermont, is quite impressive. We hope to be able to get the funding so that Nadia can join us at PanPac.

    Nadia Clement, Dartmouth 2020, is a co-author on our paper on Weibull Analysis 101.

    Some reasons to attend PanPac:

    • It is a very enjoyable and rewarding conference, small enough that you can get to know all of the speakers, yet large enough that there is a full venue.
    • For those of us in the northern part of the US, it is also a nice break from the winter weather.
    • The first time I went I was surprised that it wasn’t very expensive. For this coming conference, air tickets from Boston are as low as $600 and the hotel is about $200 per night.

    The conference will be held on the “Big island” of Hawaii. If you come early or stay late there are many interesting attractions, including the active volcanoes and the Mauna Kea Observatories. So, for sure come to the conference, but why not submit an abstract to be a speaker? If interested in submitting an abstract go to this site.

    I hope to see you there!


    Dr. Ron