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    ® is on wikipedia!

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     No, we are not responsible for the post, but this is when you realize you've got something special.  Someone out there took the time to write information and do some research about the technology so that the next time you hear the word NanoFoil ® and google it, you have a referenced definition.

    Wikipedia is the new Encyclopedia Britannica for the internet generation.  Except now, instead of buying lettered tomes as they come out, or waiting for an updated reference to a topic like SAC305 solder material (or for those not solder inclined say Australian Koala Bears), we now have instant gratification.

    Now I can't talk about the great things about wikipedia without talking about the concerns.  Being an open forum type encyclopedia, and with thousands of posts being updated daily, there is a lot of room for error.  Many of us young enough to have wikipedia available to us in College remember being told that we could, under no circumstances, use wikipedia as a reference. But now, with Wikipedia's stricter policies on articles, this may soon change, if it hasn't already.

    What I can confirm is that this NanoFoil ® post is 99% accurate!  The numbers are off by a few percentage points here or there but, for the most part, it is informative and useful.

    So what do you think of wikipedia?  Has it made us smarter and able to process and learn more information, or has it made us reliant on "suspect" information?