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NanoFoil®: Protecting electronic components everywhere!

We have all seen the action movies where the hero drops in at the last minute to save the day against insurmountable odds.  NanoFoil® is like that. I know it’s a dramatic comparison, engineered solder solutions to action heroes, but hear me out.There is the usual cast of villains; sensitive components that can’t be exposed to a reflow profile, the need for low- to zero-voiding, CTE mismatches that can cause warping, large area bonds that would otherwise require excessive amounts of heat, the threat of flux residue….the list goes on.

Enter NanoFoil®, designed to give a nearly void-less bond at room temperature - without the need for flux. Components see an extremely mild reflow profile, and the package doesn’t have time to warp in the nearly instantaneous bond process. And this solder bond transfers heat as well as does a conventional solder joint, making it an excellent TIM material. I'm not done yet! A nanobond® is ROHS-compliant and safe to use in cleanrooms. That rounds out an impressive list of attributes.

For sensitive applications that require soldering with extreme precision and focus, consider NanoFoil®.  Some applications that should be considered are LED attach, Power Amplifier attach, CPV die-attach, and SputteringTarget Bonding.Feel free to contact me, or my colleague Jim Hisert (our technical expert) for information.