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Nanotechnology Definition Reviewed

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  • We have a very exciting monthly series of posts coming up for you, devoted to the science of Nanotechnology. I’ll be interviewing experts in various fields of Nanotechnology, and you can let us know what you are interested in as well.

    In speaking with some of our Nanotechnology experts about the actual definition of Nanotechnology, some very important clarifications were made. I was under the impression that I should blindly follow the ‘official’ description of Nanotechnology, which seems to be a useable layman’s description. I would explain the accepted description as: “Nanotechnology deals with materials with features on the order of nanometers (1-100nm) in measurement.” In digging deeper, we find out that this simple description does not really define Nanotechnology. It instead describes a size-range of materials and provides an accessible means of discussing the topic. 

    According to one of our experts: “Nanoparticles have very unique properties that defy classical physics.  The physical size of the particle is secondary to the physics that occurs when particles are in the nano-sized range. A particle that is confined in only one direction to 100nm may or may not exhibit these unique quantum physics effects.” I believe it’s essential to have that clarified before moving forward.


    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert