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  • We have added a new dimension to our Indium We've added a new blogger, Phil Zarrow, who is publishing video interviews of materials and process experts called, Electronics Assembly With Phil Zarrow.

    While video is obviously not new, we have taken some important topics like what is a preform, indium thermal interface materials, flux coated preforms, specifying preforms, InFORMS®voiding in thermal ground pads and presented them in a (hopefully) more interesting, more personal way.

    We will be doing more of these in the coming months.

    Of course indium and bismuth are where my passions lie so my first video was on those two families of solder.  I recently wrote the blog on the Six Alloy Families and my first video is on the same subject.  I would be interested to know which you find most helpful and why.  Are there any topics you would like us to talk about?