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New Book: "Marketing 2.0" Includes Rick Short

  • B2B Marcom

  • I am flattered to be included in Bernie Borges' new book, titled, "MARKETING 2.0, Bridging The Gap Between Seller And Buyer Through Social Media Marketing."

    I have not yet read the entire book yet, but what I have read is very good. To me, "good" means that the information:

    • is accurate
    • is understandable
    • is implementable
    • offers valuable networking opportunities

    Bernie nails it on ALL counts. He provides explanations, backed by case studies, and supplies names. The reader is able to understand the topic, read how it plays out, and get in contact (full contact info is not provided, we have to hunt a little) with the people featured.

    Bernie covers all the important bases. His exploration and insights in early chapters titled, "What is Web2.0 and Social Media," and "Types of Web2.0 and Social Media" will help you teach and explain this stuff to your boss. His explanations in later chapters such as, "Staffing for Social Media Marketing," and "Measuring Results in Social Media Marketing" will help you manage your department.  Bernie's copious use of footnotes allows readers to delve even deeper on key issues and topics.

    The focus on "social media marketing" means that this book is just one part of a full B2B Marcom arsenal. Like any good resource, it requires other resources to make the magic happen. I prefer that style. To me, tightly-focused works are more helpful than general resources - and I don't mind assembling the pieces that suit me. Bernie is great at focus - this is proven in his FIND AND CONVERT website. Tons of detail!

    Bernie has been supporting his book's rollout with a series of podcasts. He interviewed me recently and we discussed some of the information that appears in the book. These podcasts really develop the concepts in the book and add even more valuable information. I've found them well-worth my time. You can listen to my podcast with Bernie Borges here.

    icon for podpressRick Short Interview: Download

    GREAT WORK, Bernie Borges! (He is a very positive and fun person to work with, so don't hesitate to contact him).

    Please offer your opinion of the podcast interview and the book here. I'd love to hear your thoughts.