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Come Visit Our Brand New Website

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  • Have you had a chance to look at the new Indium Corporation web site? It has a brand new format and some new features that we think you will like!

    The first feature we have added right on the home page is the Technical Solution Center where you choose your challenge and then your specific application to see which of our solder products is right for you. We are working on expanding these as we identify the most critical and common challenges that our customers face. If you don't see your challenge, contact us directly at and we will help with your individual challenge.

    Right below the Technical Solution Center are three featured products. Right now we are featuring our latest solder paste product called Durafuse™ LT, which is a great solution for low temperature applications. Whether you need to solder temperature-sensitive components; have a secondary soldering process; have warpage, HIP or NWO issues; or some other application that requires a low temperature solder paste, you should check out Durafuse™ LT.

    And of course we have the old favorites, including Application Notes, Product Data Sheets, Safety Data Sheets, Quality Documents and White Papers; and you can still buy evaluation quantities of our most popular alloys and forms at our on-line store.  

    And if you have heard about what a great place Indium Corporation is to work, check out our jobs and internships.There are also sections on how we support our employees and our communities.

    You know what, you just need to visit the site at and take a look for yourself. Use your computer or your phone since it has been optimized for mobile devices. 

    PS, if you get carried away in looking and want to head back to the home page...just click the Indium Corporation logo at the top of the page and you will get back home!