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New Research Paper Evaluates Liquid Metal for Microchannel Cooling Applications

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  • A new paper sparked my interest recently: Experimental Thermal Energy Assessment of a Liquid Metal Eutectic in a Microchannel Heat Exchanger Equipped With a (10Hz/50Hz) Resonator by researchers at the University of Adelaide and the University of Denmark.

    All the key words were there to interest me: thermal, liquid metal, heat exchanger, and eutectic. I obtained a full copy and was pleasantly surprised by something I didn’t expect: a detailed look at alternatives to liquid metal for high-temperature heat exchange applications, including nanofluids. This was the best overview of high-temperature microchannel cooling I have read – it was impressive.

    One thing I did note was the lack of my favorite - gallium-indium eutectic or EGaInTM (75.5Ga/24.5In). Hopefully I’ll learn more about why this was left out and be able to share it with you in a later post.

    For now, check out the paper listed above and let us know if you need material for similar testing!


    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert