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  • Indium Corporation manufactures a wide array of assembly materials. One of the arenas we are involved in is SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC assembly materials.

    When developing our advertising for this product group, I considered the traditional media. Print advertising is far from dead – so I developed traditional print ads and started them running. When my thoughts turned to where the avant garde customers would like to see their advertising (assuming any of us ever really "like" to see ads), and what a really cool ad might look like, I brainstormed about the many aspects of photovoltaic assembly, including the up- and downstream issues. Finally, I tried to consider any emotional ties to the person actually viewing the ad. It occurred to me that the common denominator of solar energy is the carbon footprint. We ALL have a carbon footprint, individuals, organizations, companies, cities, and countries. And we're all trying to minimize it whenever possible.

    Enter CARBON FOOTPRINT. The star of the video is "Carbon Man". He is big, he is messy, and he is the enemy. We're all trying to minimize his impact.

    My ideas for the ad went beyond any of the other video efforts I've created for Indium, so I turned to illustration.

    After providing my full inspiration, storyboard, and blocking for the idea, I turned my illustrator loose. Here is what we came up with.

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