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Now Available: Liquid Metal for Prototyping

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  • I have great news: we now have a more accessible way for you to obtain liquid metal for prototyping, low-volume applications, or even overclocking!

    We have added 10 gram syringes of Indalloy® 51E (66.5Ga/20.5In/13Sn) and Indalloy® 60 (75.5Ga/24.5In) to our e-commerce website. These are two of our most popular liquid alloys.

    Here’s a rundown of the most requested properties for both alloys:

    Indalloy® 51E (66.5Ga / 20.5In / 13Sn)

    Solidus: 11°C

    Liquidus: 11°C

    Density: 6.32g/cm³

    Indalloy® 60 (75.5Ga / 24.5In)

    Solidus: 15.7°C

    Liquidus: 15.7°C

    Density: 6.35g/cm³

    Both of these alloys can be used as a thermal interface. Unlike some of the liquid metal available to Overclockers, this material is actually what it says it is (we have tested competitive material.) This liquid metal comes with an actual ICP-based Certificate of Analysis, so you will have proof of composition.

    Our customers have been finding incredible new uses for our liquid metal products already. With an easy way to order small amounts of these alloys, we expect liquid metal to find its way into labs that can further this field of material science and develop applications that are not possible with solid alloys.

    Are you interested, but still need help choosing the alloy that would be best for your application? That’s not a problem: our Technical Support Engineers are looking forward to helping you. You can reach them directly at


    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert