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¼ of My Life at Indium

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  • Today I realized I have been with Indium Corporation ¼ of my life. So, I openly ponder: what does this mean to me?

    Well, first of all, I am lucky to have a stable career and a job I enjoy.

    If I divide up my life roughly into 4 quarters, I can break them into stages of learning.

    • I’d say the first quarter was dedicated to learning about the world in general.
    • The second quarter was committed to learning how to learn in grade school and early high school.
    • The third quarter was devoted to more focused learning, specifically technology and science.
    • The fourth quarter I’ve learned by experience at work.


    It is said that learning never ends. So, I am interested to learn what the next 8 years will bring.

    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert