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One Way To Write A Technical Article

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  • Writing an article is the hardest part of writing an article.  It must have been said before, but actually sitting down and capturing what has been physically done and mentally learned is tougher for most people than doing all the testing.  I like to clear away all the other distractions, get a humungous soda, and after thinking about the results all day – just write down all my thoughts.  First I go through the introduction and test procedure, then include what I learned from the trials.  After the words are in place, I look for a way to illustrate my point through images, graphs, and charts.  I'll try to get away from the document at this point and clear my mind.  When I come back to writing, the conclusion is usually obvious.






    After the skeleton draft is in place I leave it for about a week, and then come back to it and look at it like it is someone else's article.  I fill in the blanks, take out the redundant statements, and send it off for further editing.  Right now I'm in the meditation and 'humungous soda' stage, preparing to draw up an article on non-contact measurement and wafer spin coating fluxes.