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Online B2B Video Ad

  • Indium Corporation

  • After launching the industry's first-ever online B2B video ad in December 2006 we have just released the 2nd.

    The new ad, entitled, "STENCIL PRINTING," is part of a series of ads in our online video (social media) ad campaign: INDIUM CORPORATION: WE KNOW SMT INSIDE AND OUT. It follows the premiere release of the video entitled, "WAVE SOLDERING".

    According to BusinessWeek, "video advertising is being fueled by the increased availability of broadband Internet connections that let computer users quickly receive the large amounts of data necessary to watch online video. More than two-thirds of active Internet users had a high-speed connection as of earlier this year (2006), compared with 55% in early 2005, according to Nielsen//NetRatings."

    According to new research by KnowledgeStorm and Universal McCann, "76% of (Internet users) are sharing online video content either weekly or monthly," and "84% & said that online video enhances content related to technology product information and research". And, most importantly, the same report reveals that, "70% of B2B technology buyers use social networking sites for business networking and/or development."

    I believe that online video advertising is today's hottest social media. Allowing our industry's technology buyers and specifiers to easily view and share information with their teams and colleagues is the key. The response to the first online video ad was extremely positive. Many people expressed appreciation for injecting some humor into the industry. All clearly understood the message and enjoyed the novel approach. INDIUM is excited to utilize social media techniques to support and connect to our customers. Plus, I am learning a lot.

    You can watch the online B2B video ads here.