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Panning for Gold

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  • Panning for gold is a thrill, just like scratching off a lotto ticket or playing a game at a casino. In a similar way, I am looking for gold every time I work with a new NanoFoil® application. Gold metallizations, that is…

    Let me step you through my view of a new NanoBonding® application from the time it comes to me. First, most inquiries come to me in the form of a call or email. Usually something like, “I have a [component] I need to attach to a [substrate]. I read about NanoFoil on your website and I think it might work”. At this point, there’s no way for me to say yes or no concerning the validity of NanoFoil in this application. More questions need to be answered.

    Next, I might ask: “Could you give me some details about the [component], like dimensions and surface finishes? Also, is there a metallization on your substrate?” This is where I anxiously await the response, because the answer to this question could be that both surfaces are metalized with Au, which makes the rest of the application easier for me – and the customer.

    Learning that a customer has Au, Ag, or Sn surfaces on their parts eases my mind because it rules out having to metalize base materials like copper, aluminum, or ceramics with gold, silver, or some type of solder. In a way, it’s like swirling around the prospecting pan, and noticing a glimmer of gold. It’s a sign that we’re on the right track.


    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert