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  • I have been asked to speak at a national conference on blogging in the Pharmaceutical Industry. As I reviewed this request, I considered the differences and similarities between blogging for the electronics assembly materials business, personal interest, and for pharma purposes. I conclude that, for many reasons, the differences are minimal.

    Blogging is nothing new, it is a form of journalism that relies on the web as the medium. Today's tools put a different spin on things, and podcasting is sure to be the next topic (with most of the same issues). But the basics will always matter.

    It's all about finding your voice, selecting a medium, and conversing with your audience. Clarity, purpose, respect, fairness, humility, and accuracy will always be in fashion.

    I am curious about the Marcom issues in the Pharma industry. There is much regulation in this space - certainly there will be rules to follow. I will do my research and be sure to strongly consider this aspect - especially as it relates to the free-form style of blogging.

    I look forward to playing a small role in helping this group of people fire up their Dells and join the blogosphere.