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Photovoltaics in EMS Sector

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    This article isn’t ‘hot off the press’, but it is worthy of review.  In the October 2008 edition of Circuits Assembly Magazine, Darren Brown (DEK) discusses “Photovoltaics in EMS Sector”.  I agree that there is a parallel between SMT and metallization processing, and that there are advantages to having an EMS help with solar assembly.  Likewise, I feel there is an advantage working with equipment and material suppliers like DEK and Indium, suppliers who also serve the semiconductor packaging market.  Much like semiconductor materials and equipment, solar products are designed from a base knowledge borrowed from SMT – with very specific application criteria in mind.  As you can imagine, working with this type of vendor gives you the assurance of a proven track record, even in a relatively new market like solar assembly.



    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert