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Productivity High at PCM, Springfield VT

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  • Folks,

    Every year, the wonderful folks at PCM host a visit from my class on manufacturing processes and provide a real-world tour of an electronics assembly facility .  Our relationship has resulted in the class producing a video on electronics assembly. In addition, several class projects have been performed at PCM over the years; projects that have helped my students learn and have, hopefully, helped PCM’s operation.

    A few weeks ago it was time for this year’s student visit.  Rob Steele and Jon Scheiner were our hosts.  During the tour, Rob mentioned that he and the PCM team have implemented many of the productivity concepts discussed in The Adventures of Patty and the Professor.  Rob even mentioned that he thought the book, at some level, was a “page turner.”  It is personally rewarding to see people benefiting from this book.

    Anyway it is very clear from our tour that productivity is high at PCM.  It is my hope that others might also benefit from the stories in The Adventures of Patty and the Professor. If you have benefitted from the book, please let me know.


    Dr. Ron

    The Image of Patty and the Professor was created by Jennifer Morvan.