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Project 99 Wave Soldering Performance Proof: J-Standard Testing

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  • Remember back when I said that our Project 99 super heroes “aren’t just for fun – they really work?” As I shared, their characteristics have been identified using a battery of tests developed by a consortium of users and suppliers of flux, and documented by the Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuitry in their specification IPC J-STD-004.

    There have been three versions of this J-Standard: 004, 004A, and 004B. Wave fluxes that have passed the latest test standards, J-STD-004B, are known to have the latest technology and are considered the safest available for electronic circuit integrity.

    • Our Project 99 hero PCB-40 (AKA WF-9940) was tested using J-STD-004A
    • All-Star Engineer (AKA WF-9945) was tested using J-STD-004B
    • The Alchemist (AKA WF-9955) was tested using J-STD-004B
    • Shadow Warrior (AKA WF-9958) was tested using J-STD-004B

    Over the next few posts, I will detail the testing that proves the Project 99 team can help you overcome your wave soldering challenges, including:

    • Copper coupon
    • Corrosion test
    • SIR (surface insulation resistance) test
    • Probe testing

    Stay tuned for more Project 99 wave soldering performance proof…