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"Promotional Items vs. "Tsotchkes"

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  • According to a website I just visited (to remain nameless), "A good customer is your most valuable asset and giving them free promotional pens is a way to show them how much you appreciate their business. Also, this act of kindness may end up with that company doing more business with you or referring you to other companies."   Really?!?!?

    Right up front, I need to say that I am very biased against low-cost, commodity-type, non-product/service-related items, or gifts, as a way to earn or retain business. Maybe it's my 30 years in technology industry talking, but I  just don't see the value. Honestly, I can't imagine how a M.S. Materials Scientist, or her staff, could be swayed by a pen. And, honestly, does anyone need another coffee mug?

    I  know that such giveaways are a big part of business to business (B2B) marcom - and that a lot of these items are exchanged every year. Admittedly, I  do purchase and dole out a very limited number of such items. Many people believe in the value - or maybe just the practice. I  just don't get it.

    I'd love to hear some very sound, logical, proven, fact-based information supporting the concept. I just may be missing something.

    And how about this?  The best COMMENT  receives a free INDIUM  CORPORATION pen. ;)