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PV Plants Map USA 2012

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  • I recently caught up with Jack from PV Insider, to discuss some work the company has done researching the solar installations in the US.
    Here is how our discussion went:

    Jim: We are always trying to keep our finger on the pulse of the solar industry. What’s new?

    Jack: I would like to share with you PV Insider’s brand new Utility Scale PV Plants Map 2012, which lists the size and location of over 200 utility scale PV plants that are currently operating, under construction or planned in the United States.

    Jim: I noticed a few installation plans I wasn’t aware of.

    Jack: Additionally, the map lists the developer of each plant, as well as the utilities that have signed Power Purchase Agreements for each project - in an easy-to-read format.   

    Jim: How do our readers get a copy of this map?

    Jack: The map can be downloaded for free on our website, just follow this link:

    Jim: Thank you for the map and your time today.
    Jack: I hope you find it useful, and please send me your feedback.

    Jack Ahearne
    PV Insider
    +44 (0) 20 7375 7556
    US toll free: 1800 814 3459 ex: 7556

    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert