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REACH-Compliant Solder Fluxes for Europe

  • Flux

  • One of the key components of the soldering process is flux.  Without the right flux to remove the oxides, you can end up with a poor solder joint. Things only get worse from there.

    Since our customers work with a wide range of metallizations, we have a wide range of fluxes.  From fairly "mild" fluxes to the Flux #2 and Flux #3 that are used in applications that involve stainless steel or Nitinol because of the particularly tenacious oxides involved.  Our fluxes have seen LOTS of applications. 

    All of our fluxes are considered REACH-compliant except for two: Flux #5RA and Flux #5RMA.  So, we have developed two excellent replacements. They are called 5RA-RC and 5RMA-RC.  These come as part of our Research Solder Kits in our on-line store or you can contact us directly to try them or request our Product Data Sheet #99188.

    If you would like more information about any of our fluxes or solders you can go to or contact me directly at