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Read And Write Your Ass Off

  • B2B Marcom

  • Friend, fellow musician, and Online Strategist, Ryan Miller (Romanelli Communications) recently delivered an interesting and valuable set of advice to graduating Utica College Public Relations majors. He then summed it up in a blog post.

    The post, titled "Read And Write Your Ass Off",is efficient and concise - a study in effective communications in itself. Take 60 seconds and make this message your own. As I read it I started nodding in agreement, thinking, "This is perfect advice for these students."

    This whole topic rang true for me as I have recently been considering the skillset I would need in a potential new business to business marcom hire. I reminded myself of how unskilled and unproven many previous candidates have been. I have also been musing as to just how I would evaluate the candidates' claims and distinguish the best from the pack. This post brought things into focus for me.

    Then, I started considering how this advice would apply to more experienced PR staff, and to marcom people in general, and to product managers, and to tech support staff ... and to all my bloggers and face-to-face-with-the-customer colleagues. CONCLUSION? Ryan's advice applies to us all - at all stages of our careers.

    So, if you want insight into how you should prepare yourself for a job in B2B Marcom, how you can improve your role, or even how you should prepare yourself to evaluate and differentiate job candidates, read Ryan's post. Consider sharing it with your team. 

    Then, if you've got a minute to spare, listen to Ryan's music.

    Image: The Hamster Factor