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  • John Cass writes about PR, marketing and the Internet in his PR Communications blog . He does a ton of other things, as well.

    I've worked (peripherally) with John for about 2 years now - starting when we came together at an AMA blogging seminar. He is dedicated to good PR, Marcom, and Marketing.

    He recently solicited feedback from readers of this blog, and its cousin, Dr. Lasky's blog . An interesting data set from the survey can be found here.

    This data supports one of the key goals of Indium Corporation's blogging. You see, we have a long-term, cultural focus when it comes to Marcom - and to many of our other endeavors. In this data you will see that this loyal reader of Dr. Lasky's is NOT a customer of our company. And I am sure, if he were to be asked, that he has NEVER been solicited to be a customer, or subjected to limits on technical support because he isn't a cash-paying customer.

    One of our long-term goals is to develop an honest and deserved reputation and image as a company that truly is meaningful. It's the same with our products. We believe that, if you build it really, really well, and if it stands out when compared to the competition, and if it truly addresses a customer need, then they will come. That's not to say that we don't have a Sales staff (we do) but we are more than pleased to include potential customers into the fold when sharing things that we know. Our hope is that we will (eventually) differentiate ourselves and earn a new customer in a deep and secure manner.

    Thanks for sharing insight into your research, John. And GREAT WORK Dr. Lasky!

    IMAGE: An oldie showing Dr. Lasky collaborating with his peers in the halls of Indium Corporation. Dr. Lasky's wisdom is sought by so many people.