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Reverse E-mails

  • B2B Marcom

  • Ever sent out a half-baked e-mail? You know, one you haven't even finished proofing yet? We all have, and it is because we are in such a hurry that we hit the SEND button prematurely.

    Let's all try crafting our e-mails in REVERSE from now on!

    REVERSE? I've been doing this technique for a couple of years (not EVERY time, part-time, imperfectly). But it took grammar guru Dan Santow to capture the technique so artfully.

    It goes like this:

    -write the body of your e-mail first

    -fill in the subject line second

    -add the recipients third (an e-mail can't be sent without this info)

    Simple, painless, and so very helpful in saving our reputations and time.

    Read Dan's full posting on this awesome suggestion for better B2B Marcom. Dan is an AWESOME resource, so plan to spend extra time with his blog.