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Robotic Soldering Web Page Makes its Debut

  • Solder Wire

  • I am pleased to announce that Indium Corporation has launched a new webpage specifically for the Robotic Soldering market. 

    One of the key products for robotic soldering is flux-cored wire, and Indium Corporation offers two products that have been manufactured specifically for the robotic soldering market - Core 230-RC and CW-808. Both of these products offer low-spatter technology which are important attributes for robotic soldering. Flux spattering flings excess flux into areas of the board where flux is not needed, creating a cleanliness issue and possibly flux charring. Core 230-RC and CW-808 both help to prevent flux spattering.

    For more questions on robotic soldering and the flux cored wires you can contact me at I look forward to hearing from you.