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RoHS 2 Proposed Changes are Minor

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  • Folks,

    The proposed changes in RoHS 2 are minor.  No new substances have been added to the 6 currently banned.  Inclusion of WEEE categories 8 and 9 (medical devices and monitoring and control instruments) in RoHS is now proposed, but the proposed dates for inclusion are reasonable, 2012 or later.  To the relief of many, TBBPA (Tetrabromobisphenol) was not included as a RoHS banned substance. TBBPA is a common flame retardant in PWBs.  IPC took the lead in being the champion of moderation in RoHS changes, and appears to be happy with this outcome.

    It appears that the EU will be tracking what is learned in REACH and may include more banned substances in RoHS if the learnings form REACH support such a move.

    Although many do not share my view, I continue to see the EU's RoHS decisions as cautious and most of them reasonable.  With the world drowning in electronic waste driving the need for safe recycling, it becomes more difficult to not agree with the need for RoHS..........especially after reading articles such as National Geographic's High-Tech Trash.


    Dr. Ron