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RoHS Exemption for Military Applications

At Indium's Quickstart seminar at Motorola, Plantation, Fl (February 8, 9, 2005) Ed asked: We make electronics that go on ships that are used by the military.

  1. Are we exempt from RoHS?
  2. If we do make the switch, will the government accept products that are lead free, when many of their other suppliers may keep their SnPb solders for now?

Dr. Ron answers:

  1. Military hardware is exempt from RoHS. However, be aware that "dual use" (i.e. military and civilian) hardware will not be exempt in the civilian applications.
  2. Whether or not the government will accept lead-free assembly will be something suppliers will have to discuss on a case by case basis with government procurement. Since government (military) applications are usually very high reliability applications, I expect they will want much reliability test data before making the switch.

All the best,

Dr. Ron