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Selecting the Right Packaging for Pure Indium Preforms

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  • We can make the best indium preforms on Earth, but it wouldn’t matter if they don’t arrive at your facility securely. If you’ve ever handled pure indium you’ll have a good understanding of just how soft the metal is – and how easily it can be damaged when mishandled. To complicate the matter, indium parts also stick to each other, so they need to be kept separate. Imagine packing and shipping parts made out of double-sided tape; that wouldn’t be something you could bulk-pack!

    With that in mind, we have specialized packaging that works very well for getting these delicate little metallurgical masterpieces to you. Contact us and let our Tech Support Engineers and Account Specialists specify just the right packaging to ensure your indium preforms arrive as you intended.

    This post is part of the “Complete Intro to Pure Indium Preforms” series

    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert