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Selective Soldering vs. Wave Soldering

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  • There is no shortage of insightful information out there about Selective Soldering and its benefits over traditional wave soldering. After pouring over a number of Selective Soldering articles – sources ranging from Selective Soldering machine equipment suppliers to distributors to electronics assembly industry sites - I decided it would be easiest for everyone if there was a simple graphic to explain the differences.

    Below is what I gleaned; my hope is that this will help you quickly sort out the comparison information. There are benefits to both methods, so we need to understand and choose the proper one for our needs. And that is what we are doing here at Indium Corporation! Not only do we only offer a full line of products for wave and selective soldering; we also provide process optimization support to help you choose the right product.

    Indium Corporation offers a full line of wave fluxes that can meet the needs of numerous Selective Soldering applications from low-residue to high-reliability requirements. For example, WF-9945 exhibits an excellent balance of solderability without creating reliability concerns, while still maintaining a low level of post-soldering residues.

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