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Semicon Singapore

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  • I am in Singapore for Semicon Singapore 2008. This is the first exhibition (that I can recall) that started on a Monday! It sure felt a little weird. Things were certainly slow on the floor up until noon, then the floodgates seemed to open up. This is one of the best-attended shows I've been to in a while. That's great, especially when we factor in the fact that the semiconductor assembly market has moved out of Singapore (for the most part). This show used to fill two giant rooms in the Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, now it is down to one. That said, this show has a lot of life. Here is a shot of our exhibit before the show started. I was filming a new video ad (exciting B2B Marcom) in Singapore on Monday – and things wrapped up early. So, I took the video crew to the show and interviewed a few exhibitors for the i-Connect007 team. The video is being processed now, should be posted in a few days. I'll add the link here when they are online, so you can watch me fumble through things. Granted, I didn't prepare for this gig, but even with simple questions and observations, it was a tough job! My hat is off to any and all video interview people – it's harder than it looks. Image: Rick Short