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Semiconductor Packages Sealed With Gold Alloy Solder to Maximize Thermal Performance

I was pleasantly surprised to see in the Summer 2008 edition of Thermal News, a thermally enhanced package was highlighted for its design by StratEdge.  StratEdge, with its forward-looking design has used the materials I have recommended for years to seal their semiconductor packages.  (Click here to read the full article). 


I have seen semiconductor packages generate exorbitant amount of heat, so much so that epoxies and even traditional solder seals cannot withstand the heat without jeopardizing package reliability.  The exception to this are the gold-based solder alloys which withstand temperatures up to 360C and have great thermal conduction properties.ڂ



Stratedge has implemented these materials and is now reaping the benefits through their package performance. If you are interested in evaluating these materials or have questions regarding them, please feel free to contact me!