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Settling in at Woodstock

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  • Folks,

    It has been 2 months now that I have lived in Woodstock, VT. Some interesting observations:

    1. The church I attend, The First Congregational Church is pastored by Norman Koop, former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop's son. Pastor Koop is an excellent preacher. His father often attends the church and is still active at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. I inspected the tin pipes in the impressive church organ, which was donated by Laurance Rockefeller, no tin pest present!

    2. Although Woodstock has only 3000 residents it has a dozen or so terrific restaurants. It is considered a "world destination" because of its scenic beauty and quaint shops. Hmmmm, maybe that's why my property taxes are so high.

    3. I have learned that Woodstock is also recognized as the birthplace of the American conservation movement. By the mid to late 1880s over 60% of trees in Vermont had been cut down. A scholarly resident, George Marsh was the first to make a cogent argument for the concern that man was damaging the earth and must amend for these actions. His book, Man and Nature is considered a foundation for the Conservation Movement. Marsh's work was built upon by Frederick Billings, who coincidentally purchased Marsh's house in Woodstock. Laurance Rockefeller, mentioned above married Billing's granddaughter Mary and continued the conservation legacy until his death in 2004.

    Dr Ron