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  • You’ve probably heard it before, people seem to find someone that is completely compatible with them – in all situations.  Fluxes and surface finishes have perfect matches too.  One match that was ‘made in heaven’ is nickel and NC 506.  Nickel is known to form tenacious oxides, and NC 506 targets those oxides.  

    Another dreamy combination is NC-414 on Au surfaces.  Au, Ni/Au, Pd/Ni/Au – if it has Au on top, NC-414 is a good bet.






    What about water soluble fluxes though, are they doomed to a life of solitary application – of course not!  It turns out that WS3622 is quite a charming flux, capable of sweeping almost any oxide ‘off it’s feet’.  I’ve been hard pressed to find an application under 300°C that WS3622 is not suited for.






    Don’t worry if you haven’t found that special flux yet, just let me know - and I’ll point you in the right direction.



     ~Jim (The Match Maker) Hisert