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Six Sigma: Caveat Emptor

  • Indium Corporation

  • I am naturally proud of the Six Sigma Program I helped develop at Dartmouth. In developing the material we evaluated other programs. I was surprised at how "fluffy" many were. After looking at what was out there it is clear that the Six Sigma field has become a business. Since there are no real "standards" even some of the "name" programs in my opinion are too easy. A person could go through some of these programs and get a black belt and not know how to set up, run and analyze a DOE, establish an SPC program or trouble shoot data to see why the Cpk of a process has deteriorated.

    What was most shocking is that while looking at some of the black belt exams, we found that they were all multiple choice. I can't be convinced that it is possible to establish a person as certified to a black belt Six Sigma level unless they pass a written exam that involves demonstrating problem solving abilities both quantitatively and qualitatively.

    So when looking for a Six Sigma program keep these things in mind, and oh, yes, we would be pleased to have you join our Six Sigma Program at Dartmouth!

    Dr. Ron