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  • I recently read an interesting report from OMNITURE titled, "7 Advanced Steps To Effective Search Marketing". In this report they refer to search engine marketers as "Smarketers" and get right down to business.

    The report succinctly delivers, as promised, 7 steps, and concludes each step's review with a NET TAKEAWAYdiscussion. Where appropriate they even include a brief discussion of how their products can integrate with the topic. Some of the steps are:

    *Refine Keyword Bids
    *Select the right keywords
    *Monitor against click fraud

    Most of us know about most of the 7 steps, but I would be willing to bet (paraphrasing Abraham Lincoln) that all of us don't know all about all of the steps. Just having the steps listed in logical order is helpful. But this report goes beyond that and offers explanations, descriptions, and the above-mentioned NET TAKEAWAY.

    I recommend that all Marketers (even those not directly involved with Search Marketing) review OMNITURE's & Advanced Steps To Effective Search Marketing .