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SMTA Guadalajara Chapter Kick Off Meeting


The Guadalajara (GDL), MX Chapter of the SMTA held their first meeting on November 9 and 10 at CETI in GDL.
Approximately 70 engineers from local companies attended. It was a great success. 

The agenda was:

November 9th, 2011

0830-0900am    Registration and Exhibits Open

0900-0915am    Welcoming Remarks and Exhibition starts

0915-1045am    Inventec: “Reliability Assessment regarding Flux residues"

1045-1215pm    Sanmina-SCI: “Capabilities of a Failure Analysis Lab”

1215-1315pm    LUNCH

Patty and The Prof Cover1315-1445pm    DEK: "Optimizing the Print Process for Mixed Technology"

1445 -1615pm   Vitronics Soltec: “How to Choose a Robust Configuration for Equipment
                          for Defect Free Soldering - Reflow, Wave and Selective”

1615-1745pm    KIC: “Fixing Reflow and Wave Related Defects as Well as How to Avoid 
                          Them in the First Place”


 November 10th, 2011

0900-1030am    Sanmina-SCI: “Process development of 01005 components”

1030-1200pm    Indium: "Lead-Free Assembly for High Yields and Reliability."

1200-1300pm    LUNCH

1300-1430pm    Universal Instruments: "Tutorial on Failure Analysis"

1430-1600pm    Zestron: “PCB cleaning before conformal coating”

1600-1730pm    Kester: “Understanding Soldering Chemistries - Reducing Costly
                          Defects, Increasing Yields and Reliability.


I spoke on “Lead-Free Assembly for High Yields and Reliability." We had several raffles and gave away autographed copies of my book “The Adventures of Patty and the Professor,” which has just recently been formally published. 

As usual, I had dinner at Santo Coyote, one of my favorite restaurants, however my Mexican friends also took me to Sacromonte, claiming it had better food. They were correct. I was convinced to try chicken mole which I liked. It is tough to beat Santo Coyote’s ambiance, however.

I can’t cite data for this, but I am quite sure that GDL has the largest number of workers in electronics assembly outside of Asia. It is great news that they now have an SMTA chapter to help the local engineers network and continue to grow in their skills.  It was great to play a small part in this success, but most of the credit must go to Indium Corporation’s Ivan Castellanos who is chapter president and Kester’s Miguel Vazquez, chapter vice president.


Dr. Ron