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SMTA International 2014 in Retrospect

The plane landed, I got my bags, and I drove home. What a great show. The SMTA International show took place September 28 to October 2 this year in Rosemont, Illinois, and I was there.

Last week I got the opportunity, with some of my colleagues, to attend SMTAI, experience several technical sessions, and learn about the companies that were exhibiting. More importantly, I got to witness how Indium Corporation is involved in SMTAI. 

I attended a total of five different tech sessions, with three speakers each:

  • Overcome the Challenges of Liquid Soldering
  • BTC Best Practices
  • Minimizing Voids Under QFNs, BGAs and Discrete Components
  • Stencil Printing Advances for Today's Electronics
  • Lead-Free Alloys End Use-Application Reliability


I was intimidated going to these sessions because I am new to the industry and felt I wouldn't understand a lot of their content.  I was very happy that I was able to understand a majority of the talks that were given. In the end, I learned many things.

When we were there Indium won a couple of awards:


While at the show I made many memories, friends, and new connections that will be invaluable for the future. I am definitely looking forward to the next event.

Till next time