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SMTA International 2015, One Month Away!!!

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  • I can’t believe that SMTA International (SMTAi) is only one month away. It seems like only yesterday I was going to my first show. I even wrote one of my first blog posts about it here. This year I have the privilege to present a paper! The paper, entitled ROSIN VS. NON-ROSIN WAVE FLUX: WHICH CREATES MORE RELIABLE ELECTRONICS ASSEMBLIES?,  compares the reliability, using SIR data, between three rosin-based and three non-rosin-containing wave fluxes. I will be presenting on Tuesday September 29th in the session titled The How’s and Why’s of Fluxes in Electronics Assembly. If this is something you are interested in please stop by.

    Another engineer in Indium Corporation’s Americas Tech Group, Derrick Herron, is presenting at SMTAi also. His paper, Voiding Control Beneath Bottom-Terminated Components Using Solder Fortification Preforms, will be presented bright and early Wednesday, September 30th starting at 8AM. To give you a preview, I asked him a couple of questions about his paper/presentation.

    Adam:   Tell us about your paper.

    Derrick: My paper introduces a novel way to reduce voiding underneath bottom-terminated components. Solder fortification preforms are used to reduce voiding by allowing the paste flux to outgas during reflow.

    Adam:   Why should people come see your presentation?

    Derrick:  Voiding beneath bottom-terminated components is a problem widely seen in the industry. The method I am recommending can be used on the current boards, pastes, components, and equipment in a manufacturer’s facility simply by adding a solder fortification preform to their assembly process. It’s a quick and easy method that uses a readily-available material to solve a problem. We’ve seen voiding reduced to below 15%! It is very exciting.

    I hope you are just as excited about the upcoming show as we are.

    I can't wait to see you at the show,