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SMTA Process Re-Certification

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  • Folks,

    It was at SMTAI in 2002 that SMTA Process Certification began.  The program was developed by a Jim Hall, Phil Zarrow and I, for SMT process engineers to demonstrate their competence for the enhancement of their own careers, but also as a means to advance our industry.  This program is at the center of SMTA's main mission: education.

    The rigorous 3 day program covers almost all of SMT and culminates with a challenging problem solving (i.e. not multiple choice) exam.

    So, why am I telling you this? The certification was always intended to last for 10 years.  In light of 2014 being the 10th anniversary, our SMTA-Certified pioneers are facing a pending renewal.  Therefore, a re-certification program has been instituted.  This program is web based, so it can be tackled from the comfort of your home or office.

    If you are not certified, I encourage you to consider taking this important step. Being certified will advance you as well as your company. 

    If you are certified and ten years has gone by, you will automatically be notified by SMTA of the re-certification opportunity.


    Dr. Ron