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SMTAI Goes to Orlando in 2007

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  • Folks,

    I just came back from SMTAI, where I taught a Six Sigma Green Belt Workshop for SMTA. The show was "a buzz" with the fact that SMTA was parting with Assembly Tech Expo Show. Apparently the new owners of ATE do not want to honor the agreement that Reed had with SMTA, resulting in a considerable loss of revenue to the not for profit SMTA. I think it will be ATE's loss.

    On a broader front this raises the issue of our support for organizations like SMTA. SMTA is ours. It was established by us to help all share information and to educate. We need to remember this when "for profit" groups come in and rock the boat.

    SMTA is a family and it serves us well. It deserves our enthusiastic support. See you in Orlando in 2007!


    Dr. Ron