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SMT/RIT Conference Solidifies RoHS is Here to Stay

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  • Folks,

    Last week, I presented at the SMT/RIT's Implementing Lead-Free: A Hands on Workshop . The keynote speech at this event was by Dan Shea, chief technology officer (CTO) of Celestica. The title of his talk said it all: "Cradle to Rebirth -The Electronics Industry Goes Green." Other speakers solidified this perspective.....there is no turning back, get with the WEEE/RoHS programs (EU and the world) or expect difficulties.

    I also asked why we aren't hearing of more problems with products being rejected at the borders. The consensus was that it was happening, but the countries are respecting the companies right to privacy. One speaker said that 150 companies have had products rejected at the Netherland's borders alone.

    Plasma TV's may be an example.


    Dr. Ron